About Us


The epitome of – meaning the best of – branding, otherwise known as Epitomic Branding, is a full-service marketing agency that provides only the best branding, digital, design & identity services for your company. We offer various packages across our service offerings to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Epitomic Branding was founded in 2014 to provide SMME’s with affordable brand solutions to help them get off the ground. Chris (founder) initially started the company to apply what he was learning at university and to assist startups and entrepreneurs in South Africa. He noticed that there was a gap between the branding services offered to small businesses and their larger counterparts. The main reason was budget. So the solution was to offer websites, design & social media packages at affordable rates without compromising on quality. Those exact values are still alive today.

What We Offer

Epitomic Entrepreneurs

The Epitomic Entrepreneurs channel was started to pick the brains and engage with entrepreneurs who have started businesses in various industries. The entrepreneurs that have been interviewed have shaken their industries, they’ve reinvented processes, they’ve taken the plunge. 

Watch the videos and learn from the best. Big names we’ve chatted to include Marc Ashton,, former CEO of MoneyWeb; Nicholas Haralambous from Nic Harry; Eric from Africa Ride & the founder of FingerTalk, Mr De la Hunt.